How we became the Tretherras Allotment Association Newquay

Prior to March 2012 Newquay town council had in excess of 150 towns people on the council allotment waiting list and those unfortunate enough to be on that list faced a wait of up to twenty years. The Town council like many others around the country were in effect refusing to meet their obligations regarding the provision of land for allotments. 
Following a meeting with the Town council in March 2012 when it was made plain by the local authority that they had no intentions of providing land for allotments, a small group of people on the waiting list banded together and decided to set up our own allotment association independent of the council. 

The group formed loosely into an association and set about searching the area for land that could be used for allotments. We then approached a number of landowners and asked them for help. The Duchy of Cornwall came forward and offered us a parcel of land to the south of Tretherras School in Newquay.

The association then went about forming into a properly constituted organisation with it's own rules and on 5th  February 2013 we moved onto the Tretherras allotments. The land was divided into thirty four half plots and people were given the option to have one half plot or a full plot. We  quickly filled up our available plots and established the association within the local community.

Our constitution has been set up in such a way as to ensure that any one wanting to try their hand at allotment gardening can do so and no one is excluded. We encourage the use of the allotments for educational purposes and currently have local educational establishments involved with their students. All members of the association are involved in the running of the allotments and it is the members who jointly decide on how the association functions.